Bringing artistry, imagination, and subtlety together in the sparse poetry of modernist style—that’s Design. Blending choice materials and artisanal craftsmanship for beauty that will evolve over time—that’s Durability. Binding together elegance, simplicity and timeless relevance—that’s Distinction.

We bring design, durability, and distinction together. In a word, DESIGNATED.

We fused together the finest microfibre leather and the endurance of nylon, in a symphony of austerity, refinement, and legacy. Our products grow only more beautiful with time and follow you through all life’s pursuits—to pave your own space in place, time and memory.

Whether strolling down a Parisian boulevard, or overlooking New York skyline, our business, leisure, and travel bags are crafted for you, at whatever rhythm and speed you move.

Conceived equally for a night on the town, a gondola ride in Venice, or a meeting with top executives. DESIGNATED products are sleek and sophisticated additions to the many chapters of your story. Ingenious conception and functionally breeds endless applicability—infinite experiences.

Distinctive, to draw the eye. Elegant. Timeless. Poetic.